Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marios Z.

The interrogator and district attorney decided to put in jail Marios Z., because he dared to participate in the massive protest on 11th March, 2010, and was unlucky enough to face a promiscuous, fanatic and liar police officer. The police officer, who arrested Marios, after having led him to the General Police Division of Athens, he testified against Marios that his face was covered, that he threw molotovs to him and that he was threatened by fire.

In questioning, audiovisual material, which conclusive demonstrates that Marios’ face was NOT covered, NO molotov and NO fire was around, and that in the specified area there was NO tension, which could match with the police officer’s testimony. Moreover, the inquiry relied on dozens of citizens who were present at the event and offered voluntarily to testify the truth.

But, after the interrogator and district attorney heard, off the record, the testimonies of the police witnesses, they ignored the dozens of defense witnesses and audiovisual material, and proceeded to the unprecedented decision to bring Marios to custody.

We don’t lose our faith in what is clear and obvious. We declare our FULL SUPPORT to Marios Z., and ask for the immediate release and dismissal of proceedings against him and all other arrested on 11 March 2010.

The petition will be delivered to the responsible ministries.

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