Friday, January 09, 2009

More democracy lessons from Greece - Κι άλλα μαθήματα δημοκρατίας από την Ελλάδα


On the 09.01.2009 during one of the student demonstrations in Athens a group of demonstrators is isolated by the police and pushed into a building. The cops won't let them come out, as they seem to have a certain quota of arrests to fill. The demonstrators are joined by lawyers, who are then also kept isolated with the demonstrators. When the lawyers ask for the cops ID's they ironically refuse (contrary to law). Fourteen lawyers were arrested after having been treated roughly (to put it politely).

An old lady tries to intervene in the demonstrators favour and is trampled by the police, who pull her and throw her to the ground. She is then arrested!

On the same day police forces elsewhere arrested lawyers who presented themselves at the police headquarters wishing to represent demonstrators arrested earlier and journalists and cameramen where beaten. The press association issued a note of protest as did the lawyers association.

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