Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Serve and Protect

Greek police following the rules laid down by the Greek state, always displays its official uniform, provides identity and acts with its face uncovered when on duty...

(Three (!) undercover cops arrest an underage girl for taking part in a demonstration following the killing of the 15 year-old school boy Alexandros-Andreas Grigoropoulos in Athens. Any similitude between these cops and rioteers who burned and looted small shops in Greece is purely coincidential!)

...Greek police never uses exessive force...

(Four (!) plain clothes cops control yet another dangerous teenager in Athens, arresting him for demonstrating...)

(16.12.2008: At last the cops found their uniforms. The technique used to arrest a teenage boy is always the same, respecting his rights, not using excessive force etc, ect...)

...As already mentioned Greek police has no relation with all those who smash and destroy small shops...Absolutely no relation with the deep state...

...Greek Police only uses its weapons in life-threatening situations...

(After having cold-bloodedly executed a fifteen year old boy, Greek police repeatedly used their guns to intimidate demonstrators during the demonstrations that followed the child's death)

Disband the Riot Police. Now.

It our duty to change the world we live in!

Listen to the children! They are showing us the way to tomorrow!

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